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Private & Social Club

Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club

Address: 1 Castle Peak Road, Castle Peak Bay, Hong Kong

Tel:           (852) 2404 2222

Fax:          (852) 2404 2332


Course Facilities: Aerobics Room, Chinese Restaurant, Children's Pool, Function                                   Rooms, Gymnasium, Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool, Indoor  

                               and Outdoor Children's Play Area, Jacuzzi, Steam Bath, Sauna,

                               Music Room with Karaoke, Dance Floor, Outdoor cafe, Reading

                               Room, Squash Courts, Tennis Courts, TV Games Room,

                               Western Restaurant                                                 

Membership Information

Individual: HK$259,000 (Country)

                  HK$359,000 (Yacht - Dry Berth)

                  HK$431,000 (Yacht - Wet Berth)

Corporate: Corp. I  - HK$331,000 (Country)

                  Corp. II - HK$582,000 (Country)

                  Corp. I  - HK$431,000 (Yacht - Dry Berth)

                  Corp. II - HK$792,000 (Yacht - Dry Berth)

                  Corp. I  - HK$543,000 (Yacht - Wet Berth)

                  Corp. II - HK$872,000 (Yacht - Wet Berth)


Monthly Fee: Country & Yacht - Dry Berth

                      HK$1,470 (principal) / HK$280 (spouse) / HK$115 (Child)

                      Yacht - Wet Berth

                      HK$1,710 (principal) / HK$280 (spouse) / HK$115 (Child)

Re-Nomination Fee: Yacht Club     - HK$6,000

                                 Country Club - HK$6,000

Transfer Fee: Individual -  HK$98,000 (Country Individual)

                                          HK$106,000 (Country Corp. I)

                                          HK$204,000 (Country Corp. II)

                                          HK$108,000 (Yacht Individual - Dry Berth)

                                          HK$116,000 (Yacht Corp. I - Dry Berth)

                                          HK$225,000 (Yacht Corp. II - Dry Berth)

                                          HK$144,000 (Yacht Individual - Wet Berth)

                                          HK$164,160 (Yacht Corp. I - Wet Berth)

                                          HK$289,800 (Yacht Corp. II - Wet Berth)

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