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Private & Social Club

Discovery Bay Marina Club

Address: Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Tel:          (852) 2987 9591

Fax:         (852) 2987 7669


Course Facilities: Lounge, Bar, Dining Room, Changing Room, Children's Play                                        Room, Fitness Room, Tennis Courts, Table Tennis Courts,                                            Swimming Pool, Children's Playground, Marquee Recreation

                               Facilities, Outdoor Inflatable Play Equipment                                                   

Membership Information

Individual: HK$630,000 (Class A) 

                 HK$180,000 (Class B)

                 HK$130,000 (Class C)

Corporate: HK$680,000 (Class A)

                  HK$220,000 (Class B)

                  HK$160,000 (Class C)

Monthly Fee: HK$1,319

Re-Nomination Fee: Free

Transfer Fee: Individual - HK$60,500 (Class A)

                                          HK$13,310 (Class B)

                                          HK$12,100 (Class C)

                      Corporate - HK$72,600 (Class A)

                                          HK$16,940 (Class B)

                                          HK$14,520 (Class C)


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