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Private & Social Club

Ladies Recreation Club

Address: 10 Old Peak Road, Hong Kong

Tel:           (852) 2522 0151

Fax:          (852) 2840 1478


Course Facilities: Badminton, Bowling, Bridge, Squash, Indoor Swimming Pool,

                               Tennis, Library, Spa, Sundeck, Baby Pool Area, Dining Room,

                               Sports Bar, Cocktail Lounge


Membership Information

Individual: HK$55,000 (Single) - Closed

                  HK$110,000 (Married) - Closed

Corporate Fee: HK$1,000,000

Monthly Fee: HK$2,050 (Single)

                      HK$3,140 (Married)

Re-Nomination Fee: Based on debenture

Transfer Fee: Based on debenture


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