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Private & Social Club

Aberdeen Boat Club

Address: 20 Shum Wan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Tel          : (852) 2552 8182

Fax        : (852) 2873 2945

Website :

Course Facilities: Swimming Pool, Fishing, Snooker, Golf, Restaurant, Harbour                                      Room, Bar


Membership Information

Individual : HK$89,000 

Corporate: HK$330,000 (1 Nominee)
                  HK$970,000 (4 Nominees)

Monthly Fee: HK$1,420 per nominee

Building Levy: HK$288 per nominee

Transfer Fee: HK$66,000 (Nominee membership)

                       HK$97,000 (Corporate)             


Re-Nomination Fee: HK$23,000   

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